Our Mission

The mission of 'Susila Inspire' is to offer IT solutions to Susila Productions and our external clients. We strive on introducing effective solutions and novel innovations in order to enhance the market as well as to contribute for the evolution of the society.

Our Vision

'Susila Inspire' envisions to be a trusted information technology solutions provider that designs systems to streamline information and process company data. Our vision is to provide high quality, innovative and customized solutions for the complex and diversified business needs of our clients while strengthening the humanity.

Our Projects

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Susila Inspire has single handedly handling the Sales Force Automation system of Susila Productions, since our inception in 2009. We use our software to process, track, save, retrieve and share the company information, ranging from day-to-day activities to the special projects undertaken by Susila Productions.

App Development

As the committed Information Technology solution provider for Susila Productions, 'Susila Inspire' is the app developer for 'Susila Mobile TV'. We design apps for both Apple and Android devices, and the 'Susila Mobile TV' app that we designed is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Document Management

We also specialize in the management of important company documents. Our software is used to streamline and access the documents of a wide range owned by Susila Productions, including audiovisual documents.

Call Centre

'Susila Inspire' also initiated the call center of Susila Productions and Susila Mobile TV. We instantly respond to customer queries and questions, while also assisting with enrolling viewers for the reality programmes and other contests initiated by Susila Mobile TV.

In addition, we continue to provide solutions for many other customized requirements.